Martini Gold Print Waist Pleat Maternity Dress by LeotaQueen Bee Maternity doesn’t do sitewide discounts often, but they do celebrate their birthday once a year with 20% off sitewide for one day, May 27th. The discount is already in effect, as it is almost noon in Australia, where Queen Bee is located. Enter code “BIRTHDAY20″ at checkout until 10am Tuesday morning ET, when the discount expires. Esprit Maternity, Crave, Noppies, Queen Mum, Soon–all of those delicious maternity designers you can’t really find stateside are available at Queen Bee. And don’t skip over the nursing collection, it is also full of designers you can’t find here in the US.



Sale Update

May 24, 2014

Just a quick Saturday morning note to alert you to today’s promo code at Isabella Oliver. All maternity coats and jackets are 30% off for today only with promo code “JK514.” ‘ll update the code again tomorrow, when all skirts, jeans and trousers go on sale for one day only…



?The Captive? Photocall at 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival **USA ONLY**Before I get started on the amazing sales this weekend, just want to point out how absolutely wonderful it was to see actress Mireille Enos so blissfully happy and pregnant in Cannes this week. It would be hard to find someone more gloomy and miserable than her character on “The Killing”–or more poorly dressed. She has spent both of the hit show’s seasons adorned primarily in a horrid cable knit sweater and a rain coat. Seeing her laughing in this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana floral printed dress made me smile. Plus, in the movie she is promoting in Cannes, she plays Ryan Reynolds’ wife. Good for Sarah (I mean Mireille).

Anyway, on to the Memorial Day Weekend maternity sales. There are a good number of sitewide discounts being offered and any decent shopper knows that Memorial Day Weekend is the start of sale season industry-wide. If you aren’t invited to the Kimye wedding extravaganza, this weekend is ideal for some serious shopping.

1.  Bellydance Maternity. The site is offering 20% off site wide with promo code “MEMORIALDAY.” I am loving the new NOM Collection that Bellydance has released this season, especially the adorable Mimi Tee, which comes in pink and white.

2. ASOS. The trendy superstore, which continues to churn out of-the-moment clothing in maternity sizes, is offering 20% off site wide all weekend with promo code “WEBEGRILLIN.”

3. EGG Maternity. The New Zealand-based maternity boutique has lines you want find anywhere else and is offering 25% off sitewide this weekend with promo code “egg25.” Don’t miss the Milkbar nursing line, it is a PF favorite.

4. Milkstars. Speaking of nursingwear, LA nursing line Milkstars is offering 30% off sitewide for Memorial Day with promo code “MEMORIAL14.”  Treat yourself to a pair of their cozy nursing pajamas and stock up on nursing tanks for the summer.

5. Isabella Oliver. Isabella Oliver is offering 30% off sitewide this weekend, but it is a rolling sale. For Friday, all maternity tops are 30% off with promo code “TP514.” Tomorrow, coats and jackets will be discounted and on Sunday, skirts, jeans, and trousers. On Memorial Day, IO’s coveted dresses will be 30% off. I will be sure to updte the codes on the blog over the weekend.

6. Serena & Lily. I’ve been decorating a new house and am consequently obsessed with Serena & Lily. The pieces are a more tasteful, less obvious version of Pottery Barn Kids. I just bought my two-year-old daughter this cotton Watermelon Shower Curtain and she is absolutely thrilled with it. The site is offering 20% off site wide with promo code “SUMMER20.”

7. Splendid. As she potty trains and comes home from school with bags of filthy clothing, my two-year old is also permanently adorned in Splendids’ play clothing. It’s comfortable, it washes well, and the pieces actually seem to get better with age (don’t put them in the dryer). Splendid is offering 25% off sitewide this weekend with promo code “MEMORIALDAY.” The new kids’ summer arrivals are included.

Happy shopping! And stay tuned for the Pregnant Fashionista blog re-launch, we’ve been working hard on the new site, it’s coming soon.


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So, is anyone monitoring Savannah Guthrie’s maternity wear? In order to do so, you kind of have to watch the Today Show, which is vaguely painful, so I understand if you haven’t been tuned in to what she’s wearing. But a few emails from my readers and her poor choice for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner–an ill-fitting cotton candy pink dress that wasn’t nearly dressy enough for the black-tie event and was bunched up over her bump for all her photos–led me to do a historical analysis of what she’s been wearing since she announced her pregnancy in March.




_4__Twitter___Search_-_Savannah_Guthriekardashian_met_ball_pregnant_-_Google_SearchUnfortunately, Savannah seems to be subscribing to the Kim Kardashian mantra for maternitywear–if the dress zips, then go ahead and wear it. This floral sheath eerily reminds me a bit of Kim’s 2013 Met Ball gown. Savannah has been consistently squeezing herself into fitted sheath dresses that make her look like she is still desperately shopping in her pre-pregnancy closet. Or, she is wearing full-skirted dresses with natural waists, like this white selection below, allowing the dress to scrunch up over her tummy and crease unattractively. Not pretty–or comfortable looking.

savannah_pregnant_white_dress_-_Google_SearchI don’t want to pick on Savannah. The woman seems genuinely thrilled to be pregnant at 42 and I recognize it must be intensely difficult to be pregnant for the first time and have to dress yourself for TV each and every day. And even if you do have a cadre of stylists, chances are they aren’t so experienced in dressing pregnant women. And Savannah is a truly voluptuous pregnant woman, she’s not a stick figure–indeed, she has been quite public about her growing breasts. But Savannah looks uncomfortable. Her job involves a lot of sitting and why is the poor woman jamming herself into incredibly tight clothing that wasn’t designed to be worn by someone growing a person inside them?



So, I ask all of the maternity designers out there who read this blog to please go ahead and send Savannah a few of your new Spring 2014 designs. She is ready for maternity wear, and has been for some time. This morning, she looked great, wearing a fitted top with a cute black blazer, allowing her bump to be on display rather than jammed into a dress that doesn’t fit properly. Separates are good, Savannah! They give you room to exhale!

And Savannah, if you must wear a dress, head on over to Isabella Oliver, Tiffany Rose, Fragile, Mama NYC, More of Me, Madderson London–there are a plethora of maternity dresses from which to choose, many of which are very similar in style to what you are wearing now. And many of which are conceived by small, independent designers who could use a bit of publicity from a celebrity like you.

But most importantly, they will fit you–and you may actually be able to exhale when you are perched in various chairs across TV-dom.



Each May, I end up with an inbox full of promotional emails, asking me to push some very sensible, practical items for Mother’s Day. And each year, I ignore most of said emails. Mother’s Day is really the penultimate holiday for the mom-to-be or the new mom. It’s a chance to recognize that her life–and body–have been totally turned upside down for the sake of motherhood while, let’s be honest, the changes good ol’ dad is going through pale in comparison. Forget Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries–Mother’s Day is the day we should all be truly, decadently indulged.

Here’s my wish list for this year. I strongly suggest forwarding it on…

1.  AG’s Cropped Slim Leg Maternity Jeans.  On a baby budget and feeling like you can’t really justify a $200 pair of maternity jeans? Good for you–someone else should buy them for you anyway. Once you own a pair of designer maternity jeans, you’ll wider why you didn’t make the investment in the first place, as you’ll wear them through the postpartum weeks also. AG’s Maternity Jeans are my newest favorites, and the cropped, slim leg version now available at Destination Maternity are perfect for summer. This version also has Destination Maternity’s signature over-the-belly panel, which makes them ideal for third trimester wear.

2. J Brand Maternity Skinniesicon. If you don’t want to spend $225 on the new AG Cropped Jeans, for today only, JBrand is offering 30% off two of its maternity skinny styles with promo code MOM514. This is RARE, JBrand never includes maternity pieces in its site wide sales (I like to think this is a result of my pointing that out to my JBrand contact). Both the 3401 Maternity Skinny in Starless and the 3401 Maternity Legging In Hewson are 30% off today with promo code “MOM514.”

3.  Anita’s 5041 Lace Nursing Bra. This lace nursing bra epitomizes the phrase “practical, but sexy” and you can bet she’ll order a few more of these once she’s tried them out. The 5041 does have underwire, so that should be considered before purchasing. But it is a beautiful bra done in a nude-colored lace that also works well under just about everything.

Coach_Diaper_Bags___Shop_designer_diaper_bags_at_Coach4.  Coach Diaper Bag. Coach has revamped its diaper bag selection this spring and the line’s new striped cotton canvas pieces are rather lustworthy and also somewhat practical.

5. Peaks of London. This UK-based nursing line is just about the ultimate in nursing wear luxury. The nursing pieces are made from silk and angora, fabrics that do not lend themselves to nursing in the least. But these nursing tops and dresses are gorgeous, and I have titled this list “decadent,” not practical. If you only choose one piece, the line’s trademark Waterfall Dress is my personal favorite.

6. Eberjey PJ Sets. Maternity and nursing PJ’s are always a good choice for Mother’s Day–safe, but good. Kick it up a few notches with one of the luxurious PJ sets from Eberjey. I am completely addicted to these sets, which are cut form a curiously silky viscose/spandex blend. They are oversized and therefore, ideal for pregnancy.  And while they are quite pricey for PJ’s, Eberjey is offering 10% off for Mother’s Day with promo code “MOMDAY2014.”

7. Paulina’s Silk Maternity Blouse. Fashion is all about prints these days and while prints are not off limits, a pregnant woman needs to be circumspect about choosing a loud print. Paulina Maternity has done a lovely, tasteful silk maternity blouse for Spring 2014, emblazoning the blouse with delicate Japanese blossoms. And the blouse is not a full button-down, demonstrating that Paulina Maternity knows what it’s doing. I, for one, would be thrilled to open this blouse up on Mother’s Day.

8. Slacks & Co’s Jeddah Maxi Dress. There is no shortage of maternity maxi dresses to choose from, but there is a shortage of maternity maxi dresses with sleeves. And at a certain point in late pregnancy, sleeves become very much appreciated. Slacks & Co is out with a new maxi dress this spring that is adorned with a sensible pair of cap sleeves. The dress comes in four equally sensible colors (Sensible is not how I feel about Slacks & Co’s new maternity romper, but I will save that for another posting).

Happy Mother’s Day shopping to all…




figure8I made a classic rookie mistake my first pregnancy and in the final weeks, stocked up on an array of nursingwear…in size Small. After I pushed the baby out, I’d be wearing a size small again, right?

Not so. Indeed, I was just about the same size when I left the hospital as I had been when I walked in a few days prior. Forgiving nursingwear was what I needed and it hadn’t occurred to me to buy any. I had to “restock,” so to speak, and i didn’t get into that size small nursingwear until a couple of months later.

I thought of those days when I spotted Mother en Vogue’s new Corsage Nursing Tunic, which is exactly what a brand new mom needs during the days after giving birth. Let’s be honest–it’s a maternity shirt with nursing access. It’s cut in modal jersey and hangs 32″ from the shoulders, with enough pleating to accommodate a bump. But it’s pretty and Mothers en Vogue can always be relied upon to make nursing wear look as effortless and chic as possible. Pair it with your maternity skinnies for those “leaving the hospital” photos.

The Corsage Nursing Tunic is available in heather grey and tangerine, and priced at USD $65.



BoobDesignThere is no shortage of maxi dresses to choose from this summer, including a few that provide nursing access. But I find a good number of them rather boring and a lot of them look exactly the same.

Not so with BOOB’s new Tomika Nursing Maxi, which I dare say is just a little bit sexy. With a somewhat plunging neckline and a low slung back, this would appear to be the perfect kind of dress to show off the physical benefits of being a breastfeeding mom. But this dress also has BOOB’s signature breastfeeding access–which means the entire top of that sexy maxi dress lifts up for easy access, with minimal exhibitionism. This dress deserves a place in your summer nursing wear rotation.

The Tomika Nursing Maxi comes in purple, blue and black, and is priced at USD $115. It’s not lined through the bottom, so you may want to plan on wearing a half slip underneath.



Just a quick note that Bellydance Maternity is offering 20% off all orders today only, in honor of Earth Day. Use promo code EARTHDAY at checkout…

Tea Collection is staging its Friends & Family Sale today and tomorrow with promo code “FRIENDS20″…20% Off Everything for Friends & Family at Tea Collection

Theory launched its Friends & Family sale today, use promo code “TSPRINGFF” for 25% off site wide…I always relied heavily on Theory for postpartum wear, as it’s a great place to buy basics, even if you are buying them a size or two larger than you might like.



As bathing suit season approaches and your pregnancy progresses, I am sure you wondering what you are going to wear at the pool/beach. When I look back at the swimsuit options I first chose back in 2007, I am embarrassed for myself. No lining, ugly colors, unflattering cuts–there just wasn’t much to pick from seven years ago.

Maternity swimwear – Calypso Maternity Swimsuits – Cache Coeur LingerieThings have changed since then and there are a good number of options out there now. Top tip for maternity bathing sit shopping? You must, must try it on. Order a bunch of them and stage a fashion show in front of your mirror. The more options, the better. Be sure to consider suits from lines that specialize in maternity swimwear like Pez d’Or and PregO.

Over the weekend, I came upon one more option for you, an entirely new line of maternity swimwear, priced very, very reasonably. Cache Coeur, a French brand of maternity lingerie and swimwear, now has a US site, making it easy to order their chic pieces domestically–and more importantly when it comes to maternity swimwear, return them.

Cache Couer has a small, tasteful collection of maternity swimsuits–there is one bikini, but for the most part, these are modest, subtle suits you might actually wear this summer. All of the prices are below USD $100.

Cache Coeur also does pajamas and nursing lingerie, including the popular 3D LIGHT Nursing Bra that is popping up all over the place. Before I recommend a $70 bra, I need to wear said bra on my body. The description on the website curiously promises “harmonious breasts” so I’ve gone ahead and ordered one. I’ll report back once it’s made the laundry rounds a few times.



I always love the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale because it’s straightforward and simple. A very generous 25 percent off everything–very few exclusions, no conditions, the discount applies to just about everything.* Of course, that includes the maternity boutique as well. Shopbop recently replaced its wide array of HATCH pieces with a new selection of basic maternity pieces from Rosie Pope.

Shop Shopbop today with promo code “INTHEFAMILY14.” The sale ends Thursday night at midnight.

*Excluded designers are listed here.