Spring 2011 Maternitywear

More of Me Maternity has just restocked a few of its most popular Spring/Summer 2011 pieces, including the Ladies Who Lunch Dress, the Baby Shower dress, the Oh Baby Bib dress, and the Maternichic dress.  What’s even better is that More of Me has offered PF readers an exclusive 25% off the entire collection in its online boutique with promo code “FASHIONISTA.” Quantities are limited and More of Me won’t be getting any more of these styles in, so shop now. The promotion is good through the end of June.

I also have to mention how thrilled I am that the lovely French First Lady Carla Bruni appears to be pregnant. This woman knows how to dress. And, most importantly, she seems to be embracing her not-yet-confirmed baby bump, in contrast with Victoria Beckham, who seems to be doing all she can to disguise hers. I gave Posh a chance, but I am officially going to divert my celebrity maternity style stalking from Posh to Carla.



Fragile Maternity is a high-end, luxury maternity line that is designed out of Belgium and consistently generates some of my all-time favorite maternity pieces, especially their unique, clever dresses. I have not, however, written here about Fragile because the collection has not been available for purchase in the United States…until now.

Fragile Floral Pencil Dress

Bump Brooklyn has become the first US-based retailer to carry Fragile Maternity and Bump’s new online boutique includes several pieces from Fragile’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Unfortunately, many of the new Fragile pieces have already sold out, but the Fragile Roundneck Floral Pencil Dress is still available in sizes Small and Large.

Fragile Knotted Drape Dress

Once you take a look at the Fragile collection, you may decide that you simply must have one of their dresses to round out your summer maternity wardrobe. If that is the case, you may purchase Fragile Maternity at Everyday Maternity, a UK-based maternity boutique. Everyday has a very wide selection of Fragile available from this season and past season’s, including the new and very sophisticated Black Knotted Drape Dress. You’ll end up paying a bit more with the currency conversion and the shipping, but a must-have is a must-have, right?

Fragile Double V-Neck Dress

And Canadian maternity boutique Hautemama is also offering Fragile’s new 2011 collection in its online boutique.  Again, the prices will be a bit higher than if you purchased the items stateside. But Hautemama seems to be the only site that still has the vibrantly printed Fragile Double V-Neck Dress and the raspberry-colored, short-sleeved Fragile Heart Dress still available (it is also available in blue).

So, short of a trip to Belgium this summer, indulging in some international shopping is your best option. That, and calling Bump Brooklyn to demand that they restock ASAP!



Chaiken Maternity "Jennifer" Halter Dress

Gilt is about to launch yet another maternity sample sale. Like last week’s sale, there is nothing spectacular included, but a good assortment of maternity basics is available. Today’s sale has a good selection of work-appropriate trousers and blouses, so I would check it out if you have to endure pregnancy in an office environment. There are also a few summer dresses that are wedding- or shower-appropriate, and the discounts are sizeable. Click here to join Gilt if you aren’t a member already.

And check back later today–Memorial Day is upon us and it is time to confront the fact that you are going to have to wear something to the beach.



T-Bags new “Leaf Stripe” maxi dress is sold out or backordered everywhere this spring, but if you’re lucky enough to be pregnant, you will not have to go without. FEM by T-Bags, the LA-based line’s maternity collection, has designed a maternity version of the Leaf Stripe maxi dress and it is still available at Bump Brooklyn’s online boutique. The dress is priced at USD $190 and is made from T-Bags signature soft rayon jersey. The item description suggests the empire waist allows you to go braless–it won’t. I love T-Bags’ jersey, and I wore them constantly while pregnant, but you’ll likely need to wear a strapless bra underneath this dress. T-Bags tends to run large so I would stick with your pre-pregnancy size.

And if you’re not that pregnant yet, opt for the non-maternity version of the Leaf Stripe maxi, pictured at right. Revolve Clothing is taking orders for it now, although it’s backordered until the end of May. The empire waist and the draping in the front of the dress should give you a bit of camouflaging if you’re in your first or early second trimester.



Gilt is about to go live with a very impressive summer maternity sample sale, with pieces from Belabumbum, NOM, Fit2BMom, T-Bags, and Olian discounted by 50% off retail. Nothing particularly groundbreaking is included, but a good number of tried and true basics are available, like the NOM maxi dress (in black!!!) and the NOM swing top. Yesterday, I was inexplicably informed that I am now a Gilt Noir member, so I am able to preview all of the sales 15 minutes ahead of time. I have no idea why this happened, as I have basically sworn off shopping at Gilt recently. But maybe all of my bitching here paid off. I’ll be sure to share all of the must-see sales here in the future. Click here to join Gilt if you are not already a member.



When you think “maternity clothing,” you don’t often think of animal skins. Despite mainstream fashion’s current obsession with all things leather and suede, maternity fashion has sadly not embraced the trend. Personally, I cannot get enough leather and suede this spring. Suede shifts, leather capri pants, suede-trimmed blouses and skirts–I want them all and I really just don’t understand why pregnant women can’t have them too (OK, maybe pregnant women should abstain from leather capri pants, but as far as I’m concerned, no woman can own too much leather).

Well, pregnant women can get in on the trend–as long as those pregnant women are in Europe or Australia. Per usual, forward-thinking maternity designers in places other than the United States are now designing a few choice pieces of maternity clothing using leather and suede. Italian maternity designer Nicol Caramel included a leather maternity dress in her Fall 2010 collection and this spring, Blossom has signed up for the trend as well. Practical maternitywear this is not–but it’s no fun being practical all the time anyway.

Blossom’s Suede Maternity Waterfall Jacket is an official maternity piece from Blossom’s new Spring 2011 collection but could clearly be worn postpartum and beyond. I just love the deep navy blue suede and yes, despite the dark color and fabric, I would definitely wear this delectable piece during the summer months. With your favorite white maternity tank and your cropped white J Brand maternity jeans? Perfect.  Of course, I don’t love the $968 price tag quite as much, but again, it can easily make the transition into your non-maternity closet.

Paulina Maternity's Wild One Jacket

Paulina Maternity's Roxanne Jacket

For just about half that price, you can indulge in one of German designer Paulina Maternity’s cropped leather biker jackets. The “Roxanne” jacket comes in a dark espresso-colored leather and the “Wild One” jacket comes in cognac-colored leather. I actually don’t know if I could figure out a way to wear these jackets successfully if I were not pregnant–but on a pregnant woman, I think it’s an incredibly unique look. Definitely not for everyone, but I do like the look on this pregnant woman, Veronica Pooth (I have absolutely no idea who she is but Paulina Maternity apparently does because they sent me this photo of her wearing their jacket).

Like I said, wearing animal skins while pregnant is neither practical, nor economical. If the prices above are a bit tough to take, Australia’s Egg maternity has just released a faux suede tunic and faux suede top as part of its Winter 2011 line, both of which are priced under USD $200. Yes, these are winter pieces, but they are also limited edition pieces, so if you want to be sporting one come fall, I suggest you buy now. Both the tunic (which can be worn as a dress) and the top come in both brown and black. The faux suede is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.


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Shopbop’s Friends & Family sale kicked off officially today, but the discount is a mere 15% and the sale only lasts for two days (today and tomorrow). I don’t know about you, but 15% doesn’t particularly make me feel like any one’s friend or family. The fall discount was 20% and two years ago, the spring Friends & Family offered a 25% discount. The promotion is, however, sitewide so it does apply to sale items. And Shopbop is the only place you can purchase Theory’s $255 black maternity trousers and David Lerner’s $99 jersey maternity leggings–with prices like that, we should be happy for any discount we can get.  Shopbop does continue to stock an impressive selection of high-end maternity denim and they do make a serious effort to maintain the maternity-friendly boutique on their site, so I don’t want to knock them. But I miss their 25% off sales. Use promo code “INTHEFAMILY15″ when you check out. 

Speaking of good discounts, PF’s exclusive 30% off new maternity line Pour Deux Maternity is good for one more week, through May 15th. In order to receive your promo code for 30% off the spring collection, you simply have to click here and vote for your favorite Fall 2011 styles. Every reader who votes is automatically entered into a drawing for a $500 gift certificate at Pour Deux.



Happy Mother’s Day to all of you expecting moms out there! I hope you had an incredible day that included a long nap, lots of decadent food, and someone volunteering to rub your feet (my three favorite pregnancy perks).

Just a quick evening post to alert you to the Rosie Pope Maternity Sample Sale that just launched this evening on Gilt. Despite that ridiculous reality show that Rosie is now involved with, I still really love her maternity clothing. This sale has some great spring pieces, including Rosie’s gorgeous silk Floral Shirtdress, so head over to Gilt for some late-night and well-deserved Mother’s Day shopping. Click here to join Gilt if you are not already a member.



In the not-so-exciting world of maternity fashion news, this qualifies as thrilling–J Brand’s beloved Mama J line has just released a new maternity jean, adapting its well-known bootcut Bailey jean for pregnant fashionistas. The Bailey Bootcut Maternity jean is available in this light-colored “Santorini” wash at Shopbop and in a darker “Polish” wash at Pickles & Ice Cream (smaller sizes are already sold out at P&I). The Bailey jean has an 18″ leg opening, smaller than the J Brand Love Story, which has a 22″ leg opening. The price? A very high $190 for the darker Polish wash and an even higher $214 for the Santorini wash. But, I must say, these look like really nice jeans. I have never worn them, so I can’t vouch for their fit, like I can J Brand’s other Mama J offerings. But the Mama J line remains my all-time favorite line for maternity denim. If you’re looking for that one pair of everyday designer maternity jeans for the summer, these are worth a try. Both Shopbop and Pickles & Ice Cream offer free shipping and Shopbop even offers free returns, so no loss if you don’t love them.



White is everywhere this summer and I, for one, cannot get enough of it. I know, you feel like the last thing you are going to buy yourself in your current state is white clothing. I agree–white is not the most practical or even the most flattering, and white presents some serious problems in regards to maternity undergarments (i.e., you must, must wear a nude-colored slip or a camisole).

All of those very valid issues notwithstanding, I happen to think that when you’re talking hot weather fashion, it’s hard for any woman to go wrong with great sandals, a summer tan, and a crisp white dress. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Blossom V-Neck Cotton Maternity Dress

Blossom V-Neck Cotton Maternity Dress–A simply perfect white maternity dress. It works for those deathly hot, humid summer nights when you really wish you could be home, naked, sitting in front of the television, but you have an event that necessitates your attendance in clothing. Pair it with statement jewelry and a bold purse and you are set for an evening out. Or, wear it with flip-flops and a ponytail to the grocery store to buy yourself a pint of Haagen Dazs. Works for both.

Isabella Oliver Summer Everyday Dress

Isabella Oliver Summer Everyday Dress–Another perfect white summer maternity dress. This dress makes wearing a bra a bit more difficult, but if you can find a bra that works, that crossover bust could definitely add a bit of spice to an otherwise innocent-looking ensemble. And the dress has discreet elastic smocking in the back to ensure there is no spillage out of the top. You can order one now from IO, but the dress is not available to ship until later in May.

Johnny Was Silk Floral Dress

Johnny Was White Floral Trim Silk Dress–Keeping in mind my blog posting yesterday, let me first say that this is not a maternity dress. It is, however, a beautiful plus size silk summer dress from well-known designer Johnny Was. Plus-size clothing is a truly great option for a woman in her first or second trimester because the entire piece is cut larger so it allows for the inevtiable reality that all of you is pregnant, not just your belly. You may still have issues with the hem being shorter in the front if you have a significant bump, but a good tailor can fix that.

More of Me White Eyelet Bib Dress

More of Me White Eyelet Bib Dress–My mother adored eyelet and I have vivid memories of my sisters and I spending a good portion of our early summers wearing white eyelet summer dresses with matching eyelet bloomers. Thus, I find More of Me’s white eyelet version of her bib mini dress an irresistible maternity must for the summer. Even if you don’t feel quite prepared to wear it on its own, this looks great over a pair of skinny jeans.

Oh, and I must post photos of both Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, who attended last night’s Met Costume Ball in custom-designed maternity gowns. Can I be catty and say that I didn’t love either one of their choices? There was just so much stuff going on with both of their dresses, I didn’t feel like either starlet gave her voluptuous body the attention it deserved. And with a cadre of couture seamstresses on hand to sew your pregnant bod into a dress, why not flaunt what you’ve got? I was hoping the chic Selma Blair might make an appearance or the always interesting and newly pregnant January Jones. But no luck there. Just Kate, Jessica and a lot of satin and tulle.