The MA Nursing Scarf Readies For Summer

February 13, 2013

Last week, when I praised Maternal America’s new Spring 2013 pieces, I completely forgot to mention the undisputable highlight of the entire collection, the new Summer Weight Cotton Nursing Scarf.

MA’s winter nursing scarves were introduced just a few years ago and they’ve been hugely successful. Now, MA has introduced a summer version, made from 100% cotton. The concept is simple, but extraordinarily practical–design a stylish-looking scarf with a head-sized hole in the middle so a nursing woman can simply slip it over her head to wear and then unravel the scarf when it’s time to nurse. No worrying about toting a “hooter hider” around with you or, for those of us who couldn’t stand those hideous hooter hiders, no worrying about having to figure out how to keep a baby blanket draped strategically over your private parts while you also deal with a flailing, hungry baby.

And all this practicality and style costs only a mere USD $28. Figure 8 Maternity currently has the summerweight scarf available in black, navy, watermelon, and white. And by the way, this scarf makes a perfect baby shower gift if you’re looking for something not too pricey, but sure to thrill the mom-to-be. I, personally, would prefer this scarf over another baby onesie any day.

I really hope Kimmy K reads this. She stepped off the plane at LAX yesterday in this see-through, lowcut tank top. What she is flaunting is certainly enviable, but does she want her future son or daughter to see photos like that? The Maternal America cotton scarf in white or watermelon would have the been the perfect dose of maternal modesty for her ensemble, don’t you think?



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Sanaa March 1, 2013 at 12:27 PM

I agree.

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