It’s What’s Underneath That Matters

November 15, 2012

What are you wearing underneath your clothing? Panties, bra, maybe a camisole? Especially for those of you approaching or already experiencing your third trimester, you may have discovered that your typical undergarments of choice are simply no longer sufficient to grapple with your burgeoning shape. With so many of the most-wanted maternity fashions trending toward a more form-fitting silhouette, you suddenly need something else, something that, well, kind of tightens it all up, if you get what I mean.

What you need is a Blanqi Body Styler. A Blanqi is designed specifically for pregnant women and is a cross between a camisole, shapewear, a Bella Band, and a bra–it sounds strange and it even looks rather strange in the catalogue photos, but once you have it on your pregnant body, you’ll understand what I mean and why you need it. I went back through my postings over the past two years and realized I somehow never got around to recommending the Blanqi to PF readers and for that, I am very sorry. Since I first bought mine during my third pregnancy, Blanqi has expanded its line to include fun colors, which makes the Blanqi easier to wear. Part of the drawback with the nude-colored Blanqi is that when it does peek out of your clothing, it really is hard to explain to people that you aren’t wearing some kind of maternity girdle. But when your Blanqi is bright orange or bright blue, it suddenly becomes a fashion statement.

The Blanqi Body Styler has many practical functions that are valuable to any pregnant woman, but particularly valuable to women during the later stages of pregnancy. First, the Blanqi smoothes out the bumps and bits you may have hanging out from your bra and from the top of your trousers (like shapewear, the Blanqi has no seams). Second, the Blanqi adds extra support at your bra line and really, that is always a bonus, especially if you are at a point in your pregnancy where you’ve had to forego underwire. Third, the Blanqi keeps your under-the-bump trousers in place for a few weeks longer than you might be able to otherwise, the same way a Bella Band might. And finally, the Blanqi gives you a little bit of extra support around your bump–it’s not much and I actually think the Blanqi marketing team oversells the “support” factor, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be wearing a thick piece of elastiicized nylon around your belly come week 37.

And yes, all of these features are packed into one piece of clothing, priced at $68. The Blanqi Body Styler comes in black and nude at Target, where you can buy it with free shipping. The new limited-edition tangerine, blue and mint-colored Blanqis can be purchased on the Blanqi website, also for $68.






By the way, the Blanqi website also stocks the nude and black Blanqi in a new, longer length, allowing it to be used as more of a tunic or slip. This catalogue photo shows a potentially pregnant model wearing a longer-length Blanqi over her bra as a top. While I think every pregnant woman should own a Blanqi and I am thrilled that Blanqi has made a longer Body Styler, please do not be tempted to wear it or the shorter version as a top. Both pieces are most definitely undergarments.



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