Ride Out Your Pregnant Winter In Maternity-Friendly Boots

November 7, 2012

Have you tried your favorite pre-pregnancy knee-high boots on yet? If you haven’t, you may be in for a surprise when they don’t zip over your calves or, even worse, over your ankles. Being unable to fit into winter boots was a consistent problem through all of my pregnancies, as my calves seemed to be toting a good portion of my pregnancy weight. And, even eight months postpartum, I am not quite back into my less forgiving boots. I tried to zip up my favorite black suede Gucci platform boots over the weekend and well, I may never wear those boots again, they were purchased to fit calves that have not carried five babies.

What you need to endure a pregnant winter in style is a knee-high boot with a “flexible shaft.” But, in the interest of preserving some of your fashion integrity, you also need a boot that doesn’t obviously appear to have a “flexible shaft.” The Stuart Weitzman ‘Halftime’ Boot is just that boot, with a calf circumference that starts out at 13″ but discreetly stretches to fit a much wider calf using a small elastic insert into the back of the boot.
I just purchased these boots in black suede and you can barely tell where the suede ends and the elastic begins. The boot is also square-toed at the top, which provides a bit of extra width for those mommas-to-be who suddenly find themselves slightly square-toed as well. And the bottom of the boot has a rubber sole, so these will keep up with the pounding you are bound to give them once you have them on. And I probably don’t need to point out that your calves may only get bigger as the winter progresses–it’s a good idea to accept your fate and buy these now for the winter, instead of fighting a losing battle with your own Gucci platform boots.

The Stuart Weitzman ‘Halftime’ Boot is available in black leather at Nordstrom.comand in black suede at Neiman Marcus, both for USD $595.


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Miriam November 10, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Hi there, I love your website and have taken your advice many times. I just wanted to make a suggestion. I would love it if you would offer a round-up list of online sources for maternity clothes. That would be so helpful!!

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