Decadent Tuesday: What to Wear For The Holidays, Part I

November 6, 2012

I spend a lot of time checking out what pregnant celebrities are wearing because often, we can all replicate the look. That is not the case with the most recent photos of Gisele Bundchen in a very tiny animal print bikini. I think we can all agree she looks fantastic–and we can also all agree that she is just about the only human being on the planet who should wear such a thing in her third trimester.

Moving on to fashion that is appropriate for us mere mortals, the holidays are fast approaching and a smart pregnant woman will already be looking for one special top and/or dress to get her through weeks of parties and family events. I always liked to have a vaguely sexy, fun top that could be worn with jeans or black pants to more casual events, and then a more discreet dress to wear to holiday cocktail parties. I’ll be recommending a few different types of maternity pieces, both casual and not so casual, in the coming weeks.

My top pick thus far for 2012′s holiday season? Seraphine Maternity’s Silk Gold and Black Print Tunic. Made from 100% silk, this top is part of Seraphine’s Luxe Collection, which was introduced last year by the British maternity line. The high-end line is supposed to “encapsulate red carpet styles” for the rest of us and focuses on maternity gowns and wedding dresses. That’s great, but I do wish Seraphine would consider doing luxury pieces for those of us who are not red carpet bound and instead, simply have to find something appropriate for this year’s dreaded office holiday party.

This tunic is one of the few non black-tie pieces offered as part of the Luxe Collection and it’s perfect for your holiday events. It’s festive and holiday-esque without being overly so. Wear it as soon as Thanksgiving and then straight through to your first postpartum date night–it’s that versatile and more importantly, it also has adjustable ties at the empire waist. The tunic is priced at USD $129. Remember, it is silk, but not lined, so you’ll need to plan to wear a black tank or camisole underneath.

And I am so sorry that Decadent Monday has become Decadent Tuesday. Online access remains sporadic post-Sandy, so I am blogging whenever and wherever I can find WiFi access.



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Allison November 12, 2012 at 2:09 PM

You read my mind. I am online now because I was looking for a holiday top/dress. I have two office parties (dress), a casual-ish house party and a family dinner to go to (jean or pants/top). Looking forward to your coming posts.

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