Rachel Zoe’s Maternity Must-Haves, For Entertainment Value Only

April 19, 2012

As an avid reader of fashion blogs and magazines, I am often confronted with fashion editors’ versions of the “Top Ten Maternity Style Must-Haves,” which tend to catalogue a series of very predictable maternity fashion purchases. Rarely do any of the editors go above and beyond to find a cutting edge piece of maternity fashion or something from a new, unknown designer because really, why would they need to? Pregnant women aren’t really the target audience for high-end fashion magazines.

I usually just ignore these lists, but on Tuesday, Rachel Zoe released her own personal Top Ten Transitional Maternity Picks and I simply cannot let this go. I love Rachel Zoe–her show, her clothes, her shoes, her baby boy’s somewhat disturbing wardrobe–I love it all. But this is a woman very much out of touch with reality.

First of all, there is only one piece of true maternity clothing included in her list. That’s fine, she’s a stylist, it’s her job to go out and find clothing that her clients wouldn’t think of buying on their own. But suggesting we all buy the Rachel Zoe Kristen Military Blazer? The first lesson of maternity wear shopping–do not buy anything that accentuates the natural waist because it is the very first thing to go. Of all the black blazers Rachel might select, is a $450 fitted military style blazer with a cinched waist and peplum flare really the best option? I recognize it is from her own collection and she wants people to buy it, even if most of us haven’t actually had a waist since some time in 2011. Isn’t she doing unknowing pregnant women a disservice in suggesting they buy this jacket?

Rachel also suggests pregnant women go out and purchase these $295 Elizabeth and James Sibil Wedge Platform Sandals. Um, Rachel? These wegdes have a 5″ heel. I am all for trying to preserve your sense of style during pregnancy and trying to shove your swollen feet into a pair of your pre-pregnancy heels once in a while, but including a pair of 5-inch heels in a maternity must-have list?
Look at poor pregnant Kourtney’s face in this photo. She is wearing 5-inch heels and luckily, the paparazzi was there to catch her before she bit it right there on the steps of Bryant Park. The rest of us do not have the luxury of being trailed by paparazzi. Rachel, it really makes a lot more sense for us to go out and buy a pair of gorgeous flats once we find out we’re preggers, don’t you think?

Rachel is a valuable resource for numerous things, however maternity wear is not one of them. Read her must-have list exclusively for entertainment value. Where else would you find someone suggesting that a $625 Alexander McQueen bag without any interior or exterior pockets and absolutely no baby-friendly features makes the ideal diaper bag? Where do you think Rachel shoves her dirty diapers, filthy bibs, and soaked breast pads?



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Sara April 20, 2012 at 2:19 PM

This is the woman who packed vintage Chanel and Halston in her labour bag … yes her attitude to maternity wear is highly impractical but I have to say I find it so fun to live vicariously through her!

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