Your Most Comfortable Maternity Tights

October 20, 2011

When purchasing maternity underthings, comfort should be important, but is often sacrificed to more important priorities like shaping, supporting, camouflaging, and even, well, hiding. Being comfortably pregnant is an oxymoron. These days I usually leave the house wrapped like a sausage in a pair of thick maternity compression tights topped with a fitted maternity slip or camisole—and that’s before I even put on my outfit. There are, however, those days when I simply can’t squeeze myself in to all that tight clothing and on those days, I am more than happy to pull on a pair of the most comfortable maternity tights out there, Trasparenze’s Black Maternity Tights 60. These matte, opaque maternity tights are Italian-made and cleverly incorporate 30% cotton into the elastic material. The cotton makes a huge difference in terms of comfort and ease of movement and they fit easily and comfortably around the belly, with a very thin, and very forgiving waistband (a forgiving waistband is crucial in maternity tights, that is not a spot you want to be pinched in your current condition). For comparison purposes, the ASSETS Marvelous Mama Maternity Black Opaque Tights from Spanx are made from a nylon/spandex blend.

Because they are so comfortable, Trasparenze’s maternity tights are not particularly supportive. But if you are pregnant and lucky enough to need nothing more than a great pair of black maternity tights to wear this fall and winter, these should be your go-to pair. And if you do find yourself squeezing into compression tights and Spanx more often then not, pick up one pair of these just so you can take a well-deserved day off. They are honestly just a joy to put on after endless days encased in the necessary evil that is maternity shapewear. These tights are also available in grey and chocolate brown at online maternity boutique


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jorie October 26, 2011 at 2:02 PM

You should note on this posting that the shipping for this site is ridicoulous! i love your fashion suggestions, but i just bought three pairs of materniety tights and paid 30 dollars for shipping to washington dc. It doesn’t apply the correct shipping until you have already pressed pay.

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