Pregnant In Leather? Why Not?

May 13, 2011

When you think “maternity clothing,” you don’t often think of animal skins. Despite mainstream fashion’s current obsession with all things leather and suede, maternity fashion has sadly not embraced the trend. Personally, I cannot get enough leather and suede this spring. Suede shifts, leather capri pants, suede-trimmed blouses and skirts–I want them all and I really just don’t understand why pregnant women can’t have them too (OK, maybe pregnant women should abstain from leather capri pants, but as far as I’m concerned, no woman can own too much leather).

Well, pregnant women can get in on the trend–as long as those pregnant women are in Europe or Australia. Per usual, forward-thinking maternity designers in places other than the United States are now designing a few choice pieces of maternity clothing using leather and suede. Italian maternity designer Nicol Caramel included a leather maternity dress in her Fall 2010 collection and this spring, Blossom has signed up for the trend as well. Practical maternitywear this is not–but it’s no fun being practical all the time anyway.

Blossom’s Suede Maternity Waterfall Jacket is an official maternity piece from Blossom’s new Spring 2011 collection but could clearly be worn postpartum and beyond. I just love the deep navy blue suede and yes, despite the dark color and fabric, I would definitely wear this delectable piece during the summer months. With your favorite white maternity tank and your cropped white J Brand maternity jeans? Perfect.  Of course, I don’t love the $968 price tag quite as much, but again, it can easily make the transition into your non-maternity closet.

Paulina Maternity's Wild One Jacket

Paulina Maternity's Roxanne Jacket

For just about half that price, you can indulge in one of German designer Paulina Maternity’s cropped leather biker jackets. The “Roxanne” jacket comes in a dark espresso-colored leather and the “Wild One” jacket comes in cognac-colored leather. I actually don’t know if I could figure out a way to wear these jackets successfully if I were not pregnant–but on a pregnant woman, I think it’s an incredibly unique look. Definitely not for everyone, but I do like the look on this pregnant woman, Veronica Pooth (I have absolutely no idea who she is but Paulina Maternity apparently does because they sent me this photo of her wearing their jacket).

Like I said, wearing animal skins while pregnant is neither practical, nor economical. If the prices above are a bit tough to take, Australia’s Egg maternity has just released a faux suede tunic and faux suede top as part of its Winter 2011 line, both of which are priced under USD $200. Yes, these are winter pieces, but they are also limited edition pieces, so if you want to be sporting one come fall, I suggest you buy now. Both the tunic (which can be worn as a dress) and the top come in both brown and black. The faux suede is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.


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