“The Shirt” Solves Those First Trimester Fashion Woes

January 28, 2011

For me, one of the telltale signs that I was pregnant yet again was the inability to button those top few buttons on my blouse. Only a few weeks into my pregnancies, my button-downs became quick wardrobe casualties because I truly dread being one of those unaware women wearing a button-down blouse that gapes and consequently, shows her bra and sometimes even her breast to just about everyone she meets that day. I have been a corporate lawyer for a good number of years and I have sat within viewing range of far too many of those women. Old, young, heavy, thin, pregnant, not pregnant–it doesn’t seem to matter. Far too many women seem completely ignorant of the fact that their blouse doesn’t fit properly or, in many cases, it does, but it is gaping anyway.

For all of you newly endowed pregnant women who I hope are aware of this problem (and for all of you non-pregnant women who I hope are going to become aware of this problem after reading this), meet Rochelle Behrens and behold, “The Shirt.” Rochelle is a gorgeous, young professional woman who I happened to meet at a Christmas party here in Washington, DC. Having realized that she simply could not wear a button-down shirt without simultaneously revealing her bra, Rochelle incorporated “Dual-Button Technology” into a basic, cotton button-down. Right at that point between the top two buttons of your blouse, Rochelle added an extra interior button to prevent the unsightly gaping with which most of us are familiar. Voila! Problem solved without safety pins, snaps, tape, or any of the other home remedies we’ve all tried to fix this problem.

Pick one of these blouses up to wear during those first trimester weeks when you have no baby bump, but are having problems managing those new assets above your waist. Click here to shop “The Shirt,” which comes in numerous cuts and colors, all of which are priced under USD $100. You may have already noticed that Oprah is also recommending “The Shirt” as a fashion must-have for 2011. I always defer to Oprah’s divine advice, but I will point out that I met Rochelle before she was “Oprah-fied” and she is truly an incredibly smart, entrepreneurial woman with a really great idea that she has managed to turn into a business. She hadn’t even considered marketing the shirt to pregnant women, but seemed thrilled that it might help expecting moms out too. Maybe I can even talk her into designing a maternity version.


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CR January 28, 2011 at 8:08 PM

Great concept! Now if only she could produce it in a Brooks Brothers-esque amazing non-iron stretch cotton. I just don’t buy button downs anymore if they require ironing or trips to the dry cleaner… because I don’t end up ever wearing them.

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