Looking for that Elusive Maternity Trench?

November 17, 2010

I have fielded numerous emails this fall from pregnant women looking for the perfect maternity trench coat. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to exist this season, which I do find strange. I am actually in possession of one myself, but I purchased it in 2005 at the Liz Lange store on Madison Avenue and as we know, Liz isn’t doing high-end maternity fashion anymore. Every woman, including every pregnant woman, needs a great trench coat. And the trench is very maternity-friendly, as long as you recognize the fact that those buttons are for show only and you’ll need a sturdy sash to actually keep the thing closed.

I’ve been forced to come up with an alternative, but I do think this is a good idea for all of you out there desperate for a trench this winter.  Look at this gorgeous red velvet trench, it’s ideal for the holidays. You can wear this coat on its own with your skinnies and just about nothing else and you’ll be the most festive, stylish person at the holiday party. And both this Calvin Klein knee-length trench and this Michael Kors short trench are instant classics. Obviously, these are non-maternity pieces, but both of these trenches happen to be available in “Women’s Apparel” sizes, i.e. plus sizes larger than size 14. The cut of Women’s sizing is conveniently wider from top to bottom, and even without extra length in the front for your bump, your shoulders, arms, and bustline will have extra breathing room. Use the sash across the top of your bump for a maternity-friendly coat at least into the start of the third trimester. And, of course, both of these coats will also be extraordinarily useful during those postpartum weeks. Hey, if maternity designers aren’t going to respond to all of our needs for a chic trench coat, then go ahead and create your own.

All of these coats are sold exclusively in online department stores, so you can’t go wrong with trying this red velvet number on for size (i.e., you can easily return it). The red velvet trench is available here at Neiman Marcus for USD $525, the Michael Kors trench is on sale at Saks for a very reasonable $146.99 here, and the Calvin Klein trench is on sale for USD $119.25 at Bloomingdales here.


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John December 7, 2010 at 6:06 PM

I love the great choices of maternity clothes available these days. No longer do people have to worry about wearing clothes during pregnancy that are not both stylish and comfortable.

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