Ingrid & Isabel’s Ruched Tank Trumps The Bella Band And Becomes a Must-Have

June 3, 2010

I identify the maternity line Ingrid & Isabel solely with the ubiquitous Bella Band. I bought two of them during my first pregnancy and they were perfectly fine. As you might surmise by now, I had no problem taking that first plunge and buying maternity clothing, so I didn’t really need a Bella Band to keep me in my non-maternity clothing for as long as possible. I ended up using it primarily to keep my under-the-bump trousers up at the very end of my pregnancy, for which it was helpful, but not ideal. It seems more suited for the newly pregnant as opposed to those who are so big they can’t keep their trousers on.

This past weekend, however, I discovered Ingrid & Isabel’s ruched maternity tank and this piece is an absolute must-have. Not to bore you with the details of my undergarment-related sagas but I needed a slip for a dress I was wearing that night and this was all I could find on such short notice. I actually ended up wearing it as a slip under a loose-fitting short dress–which is good news for all of your pregnant women out there, because if it works as a slip, that means it is long enough to cover your bump and then some. It is made from a nylon/spandex blend and it was truly an incredibly comfortable undergarment. It is significantly ruched so it is not the best layering piece under another fitted maternity top. But this would work perfectly underneath a maternity blouse or a maternity dress. And it is thick enough, you can wear it in black or navy blue on its own (due to the material, I think it might be a bit sheer in white, so it is best for layering). It has also washed quite nicely, though I did not put it in the dryer. It is available here at Amazon in all three colors for between USD $45 and USD $48.

And by the way, this proves there are truly fashion advantages gained from being pregnant. Do you think the editors at InStyle have yet to figure out that maternity tops actually make ideal non-maternity slips? Hmmm…you’re right, I don’t think the editors at InStyle probably think too much about wearing slips under their super-short dresses. You kind of have to give birth a few times to realize the true value of a slip.


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Angela June 4, 2010 at 6:07 PM

I bought the version sold at Target, Be Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel, and can vouch that it’s really the best basic maternity purchase ever. They’re about $25 and I bought every color available: white, black and gray, and I basically wear one every single day and I’m at 34 weeks now. It’s definitely long enough to cover your bump throughout pregnancy and I can also use it in lieu of the Bella Band to cover unbuttoned/unzipped pants. Awesome!!

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