The Maternity “Tregging” Arrives

April 16, 2010

I am not a fan of leggings or “jeggings” or even “treggings,” but I acknowledge that I seem to be missing something because just about everyone else out there is really into them. What is a “tregging”? I know, I had to look it up too. It is apparently a pair of trousers that fits just like a legging, i.e., it has all the details that a pair of trousers might have but is skin-tight. I had asked Amanda at Everyday Maternity to recommend her must-have item this spring and she emailed to tell me that she doesn’t get the jegging/tregging thing either, but she can’t keep Boob’s new maternity “tregging” in stock. So, I do feel obliged to let you all know that Everyday Maternity just restocked Boob’s must-have maternity tregging, and it is available here for GBP 49.99 (USD $77) in almost all sizes (Small is already sold out). It is really hard to go wrong with Swedish designer Boob–I’ve never bought anything from them that I didn’t love and it’s not the quality about which I am dubious. I just don’t understand why the very clear line between trouser and legging has to be blurred. Just buy one or the other, who cares if your leggings have pockets, you aren’t going to put anything in them anyway.  Wow, I sound like an old biddy, I am showing my age here.

Anyway, if you buy them, let me know if you like them. You can reach Amanda directly at if you want to ask any questions before you buy.


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Amanda September 15, 2010 at 9:58 PM

Just to let you know that the treggings are now available in black!

Hey – and we don’t think you sound like a biddy!

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