No Pregnant Woman Should Miss Out On the Comforts of Nuka Maternity…

November 5, 2009

nukaolivenukaolive#2I am happy to say that you all may finally put away/give away/burn your Juicy Couture maternity hoodies because I have discovered an equally priced, yet infinitely nicer substitute at Nuka Maternity.  If there is justice in the world, pregnant women will no longer feel compelled to buy those brightly colored, slightly aggravating velour Juicy hoodies because they have no other options. Instead, they will all head straight to Nuka Maternity here and opt for the tasteful, supremely soft hoodies and T-shirts designed by mom Julia Noik, an LA-based graphic designer who set out to make pregnancy more comfortable with Nuka and has most definitely succeeded.

The absolute must-have in Julia’s Fall 2009 Collection?  The V-Neck Hoodie, a supremely soft, cotton, short-sleeved hoodie with an empire waist and subtle ombre shading.  The empire waist has cute button detailing through the front, but is reinforced with two pieces of elastic through the back, allowing for some serious stretching. This hoodie is so cozy and comfortable that I’ve been wearing it daily since it arrived this past weekend.  I am not actually pregnant.  But I think it is the ultimate compliment to a maternity designer when a non-pregnant women chooses to wear her clothing.  I still haven’t decided if I am going to part with the V-Neck Hoodie and send it to my pregnant sister (sorry, Jane, I really like it).  And Leighton’s diaper exploded while I was wearing it so I can also promise that the Nuka V-Neck Hoodie washes quite nicely and does not shrink.

You can buy a Nuka V-neck Hoodie for yourself here at Nuka’s website for USD $110-it comes in olive, chocolate and caviar black.  I should warn you that Julia is not exaggerating when she called this the V-Neck Hoodie.  This is a plunging V-neck, so on the days you don’t feel like you need to flaunt it, you should plan to wear a camisole or tank underneath (the zipper stops at the bottom of the V-neck, you can’t pull it up any higher if you suddenly have an attack of modesty).

nukapeasantAlso, be sure to peruse Nuka’s entire collection while you are on the site.  I also like the Nuka Peasant Top, which is made from a cotton/jersey blend and is a comfortable option for the first or early second trimester when you aren’t yet at the stage where you really need an empire waist.  The lantern sleeves are a great touch and this looks really nice with jeans or even your most casual maternity sweatpants.  It is available here in orchid for USD $70.

You must order at least one of Nuka’s pieces just to try it out for yourself.  The cotton and jersey used to make Nuka’s maternity clothing is amazingly soft and is of the highest quality.  You’re pregnant, after all, you deserve a few beautiful and comfortable articles of maternity clothing.  Whether you are going out on the weekends or just hanging out at home, Nuka’s T-shirts and tops will be the maternity pieces you reach for every day…and probably at night too, they are just that comfortable.


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Courtny November 9, 2009 at 1:34 AM

I absolutely LOVE Nuka Maternity. I had my son over a year ago and I still wear my Nuka clothes because they look fabulous and have not lost their shape one bit. I highly recommend everyone to try out their stuff since it will last you past your pregnancy.

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