Take it From Me (Please!), Maternity Compression Tights Are a Wise Purchase…

December 22, 2008

I am so sorry I have been a bad blogger during this all-important pre-holiday shopping week. I had to transport all three of the boys from Jerusalem to the United Kingdom for Christmas and it was truly a harrowing experience (I was traveling without the husband on this trip).  I am only now starting to recover from the trauma of the flight.  Once this fourth baby shows up, we are going to be homebodies, because I have absolutely no idea how we will be able to fly anywhere with four children.  As it is now, we can barely get ourselves onto the flight, not to mention the havoc we wreak while in the air.  And we were only able to get off the plane this time because the pilot himself came back and helped me screw the wheels onto the twins’ car seats and one of the flight attendants carried James off the plane and all the way to the arrivals gate.

Anyway, enough complaining from me.  During this crazy week of traveling, I have been conducting my own personal experiment involving various brands of maternity compression tights.  I don’t want to get into the gory details, but suffice it to say, I am suffering from some nasty varicose veins during this pregnancy.  I didn’t have them during my prior pregnancies, but such is apparently the price women pay when they get pregnant three times in three years.  Besides the fact they they are extraordinarily unsightly, they also hurt…ALOT.  If you are pregnant and think you might be prone to them, please, please take my advice and buy yourself a pair of maternity compression tights now and start wearing them.  Once you have them, it’s really too late, the tights are preventive and only stop them from getting worse.

Now I will acknowledge that some of these tights are really just heinous-looking.  They make me think of my 92-year-old grandma and what she and the other old biddies were wearing in the nursing home when I went to visit.  But the doctors claim they work, so I set out to find the most attractive, but effective pair I could.  As it turns out, of course, attractive usually means less effective.  My doctor prescribed the Jobst Ultrasheer Maternity Support Pantyhose and I purchased two pairs in black at a whopping price of USD $115.20 each here.  They are surprisingly not so terrifying to look at and they definitely work.  My legs feel better after I wear them and for a good hour after I peel them off, I am not scared to walk by a mirror naked. But what I’ve discovered is that you don’t have to pay that much for an effective, mildly attractive pair of maternity compression tights.

I’ve concluded that the ComfoMed Opaque Maternity Tights were definitely the best combination of effectiveness and a reasonable price.  Sexy and comfortable they are not.  They are not as sheer as the Jobst pair, but they really do just look like very heavy matte black tights and in cold weather, they appear to be perfectly acceptable legwear.  They are also available at 20-30 mm/Hg compression, which is the compression level my doctor prescribed.  When I took them off after a day of wear, my legs truly did feel and look as improved as they did after a day of strutting around in the shockingly expensive Jobst pair above. The ComfoMed are available in black and the horrifying beige color my grandma used to wear for a very affordable USD $33.

The Wonder Model Maman Pantyhose are the most attractive of all that I tried and could pass for regular, high-end opaque tights.  But they are only available in 18-21 mm/Hg compression and they just don’t provide the same level of support.  If you don’t have varicose veins already, these are probably an OK bet for you.  They come in black, mocha, and yet another horrifying nude color here for USD $47.95.

I’ve learned my lesson and am now committed to wearing a pair of these tights every day until I deliver, even in Jerusalem, where it’s a little hot for heavy tights (although the religious people wear them in the dead of summer and don’t seem to be that uncomfortable).  But my veins are already bad and if you can prevent them from bulging from your own legs, it’s well worth a few months of wearing some uncomfortable, not-so-chic-looking tights.  I’ve already informed my husband that we not only need to start budgeting for nursery school, but also for vein removal surgery.  Oh, and make sure you hand wash these tights–if you send them through the washing machine, they apparently can lose some of their effectiveness.


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Colleen January 8, 2009 at 4:22 AM

Thanks for your tips. I’m on my second pregnanacy and have some nasty veins too, only in my left leg. So i bought the Jobst thigh-highs at – Found them for $77. I got the 30-40mm/Hg compression, hope that is not too much. I figured the more the better.

Miriam December 22, 2009 at 1:19 PM

Thanks for the information. Do you know of any shops in Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel I can walk in and try on these tights (or at least see them) before buying?
Enjoy the UK :) – from a fellow UK olah

Pregnant Fashionista December 23, 2009 at 2:18 PM

Miriam–The only place I know you can walk in and try on compression tights is a medical supply store. I haven’t known any to carry maternity compression tights, but they usually have regular compression tights, so you can at least get an idea what they feel like on your legs…

jessica February 25, 2012 at 1:43 PM

thanks so much for posting this.

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